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World Academy , Prologue
Morning slowly rises as store are slowly open, the sound of bird chip and sky changes from night to dawn. In house, that has good view of town, there lived a father and his daughter. The daughter is 18 with white short, chin length hair, light skin.
she's sleeping peacefully, then her alarm clock began ringing like crazy, this made her groan and tried to turn it off. She kept hitting on bed stand until she got. The daughter sat up and yawn, she look at time and got out of bed revealing her sleep wear a gray undershirt, white pyjama with button at end.
she head out with towel in her hand, as she enter the bathroom she took off her sleep wear and began to take a bath, after a while, she got out wearing towel.
she headed back to her room, closing door behind her and lock it, the girl open her closet and took out her school uniform, she grab some undergarments and put on her hygiene kit. It didn't took long once she put on her stocking and check herself in mirror.
'okay everything is
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World Academy (remake) sneak peak
"breaking our friendship for a boy who broke up with you 2 months after, Do you have any fucking idea on how long it took for me to comfort Sticther?"Alice cut her off and everyone began to murmur while some gasped by that.
"look Alice, I know your still pissed but I don't want to be pissed.."
"looks who's talking blondie, You even cyber bully Sticther!"
"I was annoyed by that!"
"She protect you from other cyber bully and this is how you repay her?! She almost suicide by drinking poison on a fucking goddamn cool aid you bitch!"
at last part, Alice slasher fist on table and everyone even Germania stop talking and everything went silent. Sticther stood up and came between them.
"Will you two stop? This is our first day at school and your starting an argument, Please stop.."
Alice took a deep breath and her eyes turn back to normal, She sat back down and STicther turn to Savannah and said.
"Alice is right, You were a jerk after that..."
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this is me by Sticthergirl
Mature content
this is me :iconsticthergirl:Sticthergirl 1 17
I'm not liar by Sticthergirl
Mature content
I'm not liar :iconsticthergirl:Sticthergirl 0 0
Mink and Teku by Sticthergirl Mink and Teku :iconsticthergirl:Sticthergirl 1 4 Tadashi Hamada and Autumn Nightmare by Sticthergirl Tadashi Hamada and Autumn Nightmare :iconsticthergirl:Sticthergirl 2 4 Forgotten roses by Sticthergirl Forgotten roses :iconsticthergirl:Sticthergirl 0 0
humpty dumpy...
Humpty Dumpy sat on a wall.......
I panted and drop the bloody knife, I starred around and realise that I killed.."Her"....I smile but stop, I saw a mirror and saw myself....I'm cover in blood...that made me realise one more thing...
I'm a MoNsTeR.......
humpty dumpy had a great fall.........
I dropped both my knee and scream in agony, Blood were splatter to wall and on floor. I could remember it clearly, I had finally snapped myself and went to her place and brutally killed her boyfriend and her, I stabbed her repeatedly....I stare at knife I did and I smile InSaNiTy....
all the king's horses and all the king's men......
I point knife to my head and smile, Tears weld up and I Finnish wrote a suicide letter......I pull knife back and once I did...everything went black......
and couldn't put humpty together anymore......
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Hades is ticked off Hades is ticked off Hades is ticked off Hades is ticked off Hades is ticked off Hades is ticked off Hades is ticked off 

yes I'm angry and I quit, I cause trouble at school and thanks to that my dad got angry and hurt me, Abusive bastard
and Yes I quit since my dad also threw my things on trash can and made me pick it up and told me that they are worthless and distracted and you know what...


and also

why? Why are you asking em to rp with you after what happen last year?
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i love making friends in different countries and in my country and i love steampunk,fan-art,fanfic,best art and games....and i don't want to freak out/panic if something bad happend in the way i love to chat with people around the world as well..:)


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